About Us

We want to offer experienced investors the opportunity to make well-informed, personal decisions on which innovative Life Sciences companies to invest in, with all the added reassurance brought with expert, hands-on, VC investment. 

Investing in Life Sciences is different. 
It is not always as obvious to see the exit opportunities, understand the nuances of the technology or value the proposition (especially as so much value lies in data) - but the potential of this sector is considerable.  We think private investors should have the opportunity to get involved at the early stages, support the advancement of healthcare and reap the rewards from this ever growing sector. Which is why we have launched Deepbridge Syndicate.

Deepbridge Syndicate
has been developed to broaden the reach of Deepbridge Capital's investee portfolio and open up opportunities to investors which otherwise may not be easily accessible. By working alongside the highly experienced Life Science experts at Deepbridge Capital, all companies have been through thorough due diligence and valuation by a team with over 200 years worth of combined cross-sector commercial experience, and will have ongoing guidance, mentoring and support from the team for the lifetime of the investment. 

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