How do I invest?

Thank you for you interest in finding out how to invest via Deepbridge Syndicate.

Please note, to comply with FCA regulation only Elective Professional Clients (EPC) are eligible to invest via the Syndicate, if you would like to find out more about EPC status please visit here. 

The process to invest is very simple and secure:

1. Registration

Sign up to Deepbridge Syndicate via the online registration form, there is no obligation to invest, but allows you to see more information on our portfolio companies and receive updates of our upcoming events and new deals (you can opt out of this). You will need to fill in a short suitability questionnaire to ensure you understand the risks of early-stage investing.

2. Once Registered

You can see all of our Live deals and previews of upcoming deals.  Registration opens up access to additional documentation on the company such as their business plan, CVs of Management Team etc. You can also update your profile, track deals, ask questions on the companies and invest!

3. Track Deals

If one of our companies is of interest, but you aren't ready to invest, you can track the deal on the Deal page, this will appear in your Profile and you will receive updates from the company and notifications of key milestones of their fundraise such as reaching the minimum investment or when the fundraise is soon to close.

4. Investing in a company

To invest in a company, simply pledge your investment on the Deal page. You will fill in a short but necessary Anti-Money Laundering check.  You will then receive a notification of your pledge via email - please note, no transaction of monies takes place at this point, you are making a binding pledge which can be withdrawn at any point up until the minimum investment has been reached and then you will have 14 days to cancel.

5. Confirming your investment

After pledging your investment you will receive a Welcome Pack from Deepbridge Syndicate, which will include a confirmation of EPC status and completion notice.  You will have 14 days to transfer funds, or withdraw your pledge.  As soon as we have received payment, your investment will be confirmed and you will be able to access full Shareholder documentation, shareholder updates, notices etc. via your online profile.

Further communication

Under the nominee structure, Deepbridge Capital will then act on your behalf to complete the process and send you your share certificates within 30days. Receipt of your EIS3 certificates can vary depending on HMRC's processing times.  You will receive 6 monthly updates on your investments for the lifetime of the deal.

For further information please don't hesitate to get in touch, CONTACT US.